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Gold, silver and bronze awarded products can be exhibited on every SIAL network event all over the world;
   Paris, Montreal, India, Adu Dhabi and Jakerta for the next 2 years;
Gold, silver and bronze awarded products will show up in the official video of SIAL China South 2021;
Gold, silver and bronze awarded winners can deliver speech at SIAL China South 2021 forums;
Top 10 winners product will be published on SIAL China WeChat official account( after the exhibition);
Top 10 winners will receive an interview during SIAL China South 2021 from main stream media;
Top 10 products will get the exposure during livestreaming for free;
Top 10 winners can make new product release in SIAL China South Innovation Area;
All selected products can be displayed in the showcase of SIAL Innovation display area during SIAL China
   South 2021;
All selected winners are granted the full rights to use the SIAL Innovation 2021 logo free of charge to
   promote your products;
All selected products will be officially published by SIAL China South before the event;
All selected winners will receive one free ticket to attend SIAL China South 2021 Forums (first come first
All exhibitors of SIAL China South 2021 can participate in the SIAL Innovation and submit one or more exhibited products.
The participating products must be developed or released after January 2021.
Invite industry experts, scholars, media and consulting institutions to form an independent jury team, consider the consumption habits and market trends of different countries and regions around the world, select a batch of annual best Innovative food and beverages around five dimensions like pleasure, health, health care, convenience, and environmental protection.
Time for registration:from 19th July to 30th September,2021
Where to register:log in exhibitor center, you will find the Innovation platform gate.
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